“To better appreciate your skin.”

- Pricilla and Kathryn of iSkin Clinics

Pricilla Ardiyani
Bachelor of Health Science (Dermal Therapist)

Kathryn Khoo
MHSc Plastics and Reconstruction

Our Founders

iSkin Clinics started as a dream, a shared vision born out of our passion for personalised, results-driven skin solutions.

While working in the same clinic, we’d often join forces to figure out how to better help our multicultural pool of clients. We soon realised that, for us, taking into consideration the specific characteristics of the skin of different heritage was a no brainer.

For our clients, however, the story was different. They were amazed by our approach because for the first time, they were offered solutions tailored to their skin tone, texture and structure. They saw their skin in their full potential, and that was truly life-changing, inside and out.

Seeing our client’s building such a positive relationship with their skin made us realise we wanted more of that in the world. And so, after a lot of hard work, sweat and tears, iSkin was finally born.

Our Clinic

A tranquil haven on Collins St, our clinic is a boutique space where science meets beauty to bring you customised, results-driven solutions that respect the colour, structure and genetic makeup of your skin.

Our team of highly trained dermal therapists, nurses, and doctors believe that real beauty begins with healthy skin. That’s why we put our focus on delivering solutions that aim to restore the integrity of your skin, for long-term, sustainable results.

Using only the latest and safest in aesthetic technology, we are here to take you on an iSkin journey to your most beautiful skin ever.

SkinClinics Room

Your iSkin journey to glowing skin starts today

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